Cambridge Financial Review

Planning 1Whether you are considering becoming a full retainer client or are just looking for an overview of your financial situation, the Cambridge Financial Review, or CFR, is an excellent starting point. 

Our CFR is a single three-hour appointment where we address your three most critical  financial questions. You will leave the appointment with a written list of recommendations and specific options. You are then free to implement them yourself or through another financial advisor. There is no further obligation on your part or Cambridge Connection’s part. 

The following are optional topics that you may wish to discuss:

  • Tax planning for current year
  • Recommendation of possible tax strategies to consider
  • Review of current asset allocation and investment location for tax efficiency
  • Evaluation of performance of current investments
  • Review of Financial Life Cycle position
  • Retirement/Financial Independence Analysis
  • Recommendation of holistic financial strategy
  • Analysis of current costs being incurred for financial advice
  • Other related topics

Prior to every CFR a qualified advisor will review your past three years tax returns for missed deductions. 

If you chose to become a full retainer client further appointments will be scheduled at the end of the Cambridge Financial Review.

To set up an appointment, call Karin Jergovich at 248-737-7090 Ext. 103 or 800-224-1040 Ext. 103. Appointments are generally scheduled within 4-6 weeks. If you have an urgent issue or have questions about this program, Karin will set up a telephone appointment for you to talk to an Advisor. Once you schedule an appointment, we will send you a copy of Bert’s book “Why Smart People Do Stupid Things with Money.” 

Price: $950

Payment of the first half of the fee is due at the time the appointment is scheduled; the remainder is paid when you arrive for your appointment. We accept most credit cards. There are no refunds. The full amount paid for the Cambridge Financial Review will be applied against the initial retainer if you decide to become a regular client within ten days.

No tax preparation or investment implementation is included in the Cambridge Financial Review. It is important to note that the Cambridge Financial Review is not a full financial plan. It is a brief overview of your financial progress and a review of limited aspects of your financial situation.