Cambridge Philosophy

Holistic, Comprehensive Approach

We believe that financial planning is a process, not an event. Because of this belief we integrate all the financial areas in your life. Including, tax planning & preparation, estate planning , investment advice, and insurance review into one overall comprehensive plan. Our clients' goals and values are taken into account when implementing these plans.

Fee-Only Compensation

Fee-only advisors do not accept commissions or compensation from any source outside of the fees paid by clients. Fee-only advisors believe there is a significant conflict of interest if an advisor stands to benefit in any way from the purchase of any product he or she recommends to the client.

Open Retainer Program

Our annual fee allows you to call or come see us at any time during the year, in addition to your scheduled appointments, at no extra cost. This system gives clients the peace of mind that we are just a free phone call away.

Focus on the Endogenous View

We believe that the factors in which a client can moderately control - factors such as, how much they save, how much they earn and their investment diversification - are much more important than external factors - factors they cannot control such as, interest rates and market volatility - when planning for their financial future. Thinking that external factors control your future is a financial dysfunction that we strive towards helping clients recognize.

The Financial Life Cycle

Financial development is based upon a cycle of life stages. Each stage is dependent on the completion of the previous. Our clients’ financial plans are developed based on their current stage in the financial life cycle. We offer advice to aid our clients in their progression of their current stage or while transitioning from one stage to the next.