Other Services

At Cambridge we offer life-integrated financial planning that differs for every client. Among the services we offer are the following:

  • Estate Planning - We can help you think through how you want your children  taken care of and assets divided, with an emphasis on reducing estate taxes and probate cotsts.
  • Insurance Review - We will review your insurance needs, current coverage and deductibles as well as examine policies before you purchase them. Cambridge continually monitors the financial stability of most major insurance companies.
  • Retirement Analysis - We determine an investment strategy that coincides with your desired retirement date and standard of living.
  • Goal Setting - We work with clients to help them verbalize their short and long term goals. Having these goals, financial and otherwise, realized makes our clients aware of the 'finish line' they are working towards.
  • Asset Allocation - We teach how to balance your investments to hedge against  extreme economic cycles. Diversification appropriate to your investment horizon can enable you to reduce portfolio risk while substantially enhancing your return on investments.
  • Business Planning - We assist our self-employed clients with tax strategies, marketing strategies and business strategies.

Please Contact Us to speak to an advisor about our other services and how they can help you.