Our Company

Since 1972, Cambridge Connection, Inc. has provided comprehensive, fee-only financial advising to people in every stage of the financial life cycle.  Our services include goal setting, tax planning & preparation, reviewing insurance needs & current insurance, asset allocation, education financing, estate planning, portfolio management, investment planning, and wealth management.

With offices in Michigan, Florida, and California, plus our ability to meet virtually with clients around the world, Cambridge Connection has grown to become a leading fee-only firm catering to diverse clientele. 

While guiding clients through each stage of financial development, Cambridge’s goal is to save our clients more money than they are charged for our services.  Because we act as your agent without any commissions or kickbacks, you can be confident that our advisors provide the best recommendations possible while completely avoiding any conflicts of interest.  At Cambridge Connection, we believe that fee-only compensation and a fiduciary relationship are vital components of our goal to place the interests of the client above all others.

For a more in-depth look at the Cambridge Philosophy and our services we encourage you to explore our site. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.